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    Say goodbye to the single compression socks!

    Farewell to the pain on the feet!

    Buy our compression stockings now and let your feet get the comfort they deserve!

    Are you still wearing the same old solid colors? We have a wide variety of fun colors and unique pattern designs! Because of the lighter material, so compression socks are easy to get on and off, which perfect fit for everyone! They would add a touch of color to your ordinary life. To be fashion and unique with our products!

    People with the following symptoms may benefit from Actinput Compression socks:
    - Moisture-wicking design to keep feet dry
    - Anti-bacterial properties to promote foot health
    - Relief from pain due to plantar fasciitis and foot injuries,Helps You Recover Faster
    - Assistance with recovery after exercise
    - Extra support for the ankle
    - Heel arch support for the rest of the foot
    - Circulation support to fight fatigue

    * NOTE: Easy care instructions: Machine wash, tumble dry low.


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    Leslie P.

    Good shipping, comfy!

    They are a little long/tall for shorter people. But they are nice and comfy socks!

    Theresa E.

    These socks will stand up to the test.

    Okay, here goes. I purchased 4 different compression hose to see what I can get for this small amount of money. I usually have to spend around $65.00 per pair of socks to get this quality. Hubby wanted new socks but now he is retired and trying to satisfy his needs and the pocketbook. These socks did the trick and came through with flying colors. You won't be disappointed.


    Great Socks

    My sister, a nurse, recommended these socks to me, specifically to wear during flights. I tried them on the flight home from vacation. They really work relieving pressure in my ankles and calves. Because I have narrow width feet, the part of the sock on my feet is a little large and too loose to provide enough compression to ease arthritis pain. The socks are long, which is good because I’m 5’8” tall. When you wear them and walk through an airport, for example, they really increase circulation in the legs. I’m glad I bought these socks!

    Edward E. Bunch

    Decrease swelling

    They arrived in a timely fashion. I wore them on a 5-hour flight with minimal swelling instead of the painful swelling that usually occurs. I now can do an 8-hour shift without having to stop to put my legs up. They are easier to remove than other compression socks I have used. As an 8-pack they are well worth the money.

    Moose M.

    Eliminated the Swelling in My Feet and Calves From Sitting at the PC All Day

    I work sitting at a PC all day. Am of the age where circulation is not what it used to be. The past few years I've noticed some swelling at the top of my socks at the end of the day. The socks have completely eliminated that swelling! After wearing them for a few days I became aware that my legs also felt better. My shoes seemed just as comfortable when I took them off as they did when I put them on, meaning they had been swelling as well. When worn, they look just like dress socks. Depending on the roominess of the shoe I can sometimes wear an athletic sock, or heavier sock for warmth, over them. I'm so pleased that I just ordered a second set of 8 pair. An excellent value.