8-Pairs Compression Socks 20-30 mmHG Women & Men | Actinput

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  • FASHIONABLE & REASONABLE - Designed to cater to today's fashion sense. Are you still wearing the same old solid colors? We have a wide variety of fun colors and unique pattern designs! At all time, our socks are carefully designed and the pattern design is very distinctive. The toe and heel parts are reinforced for added support and comfort. If you want to be different, just look here right now!
  • QUALITY AND COMFORT - 1 Pair.Comfortable material and careful construction. No stitches in places where they'll rub or rip together. Made from 85% Nylon,10% Polyester, and 5% Elastane, our compression socks provide a perfect composition between comfort and grip. With high nylon percentage, these socks are designed to be the best among the market while providing greater comfort with breathable and moisture absorbent material.
  • REDUCES INJURIES:  Reduce swelling, cramping, and stiffness in the foot, ankle, and calf. Aids in the relief of varicose and spider veins.



✔️ Prevent Lymphedema And Swelling 

- Actinput Compression socks are made to help control swelling in the feet 👣, ankles and lower legs. Benefits include helping to squeeze these areas to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissue.


✔️ Reduce Varicose Veins And Venous Insufficiency A varicose vein is a highly visible vein located just beneath the surface of the skin. Doctors 👨‍⚕️ often recommend compression socks to improve circulation, stop varicose veins from getting worse, and reduce pain or discomfort.


✔️ Great For Pregnant women and Diabetics

- A common complaint from pregnant 🤰 women — especially as they get further along — is that their legs are constantly sore or achy. By improving circulation, compression socks can also help to ease aches and pains.

-Compression socks can help combat symptoms of the disease by reducing swelling, aches, pain 😞, and fatigue in the legs and feet. They are a viable non-invasive treatment method for diabetic patients suffering from poor circulation and nerve damage to the feet and legs.

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    James H.
    United States United States
    Desert Comfort

    I bought 40 pair - Outstanding delivery, quality, and such interesting colors and patterns. Superb experience. Jim H in Alamogordo, New Mexico

    Donna R.
    United States United States
    Fun Granny

    Never too old to have fun. Just ordered socks from this place. No plain white, black or beige. These socks are the bomb. My legs don't swell with these socks on.

    Max B.
    United States United States
    Cool design and a perfect fit

    Neither tight nor loose. Perfect fit, soft fabric, stretchable and breathable. Liked the cool colorful designs. I don't know if it has medical benefits or if it cures swelling. But for jogging, it's a comfortable sports wear.

    Amy A.
    United States United States
    Great breathability and thicker than regular compression socks..

    I really like these socks! Normally compression socks are thinner like dress socks. These are thicker like normal socks! I love it. Plus they are breathable and compression works well.

    United States United States
    Comfortable and great support!

    I have varicose veins, get restless legs at night, and have worn medical-grade, ugly, a fight to get on, type stockings off and on for 20 years. I LOVE these! They're not painful to put on, give my legs great support all day; I'm even comfortable wearing them to bed! I still get restless legs even wearing them, just as an aside; but who knows what all can cause that?! My ankles can still swell a little in these, but these are the best I've experienced and I got 3 pairs at once! Great price too; I'm thrilled and highly recommend you give these a try!